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East Berlin Soldiers Monument

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The Soldier's Monument at the intersection of Berlin Street and Main Street in East Berlin, near the entrance to the Wilcox Cemetery was dedicated on May 28, 1871 by the Washburn Post of the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic).  The Washburn Post was named in honor of the only son of Rev. Washburn who died during the war.  In Connecticut, the GAR only erected two monumnets:  this one and one is the Mansfield Post monument in Indian Hill Cemetery inMiddletown, CT.  This monument was considered to be a standard low-budget memorial.  There are 7 battlefields and 1 prison of war camp listed:  Antietam, Gettysburg, Petersburg, Port Hudson, Wilderness, Fredericksburg, Florence, and Andersonville.  There were 53 names on the monument.  The first name on the monument is August Brandt who died of dysentery on September 20, 1861.  The last name is Walter Penfield who died on March 5, 1927.  Many soldiers lived in nearby towns.  There were several brothers:  Andrew & Elijah Bacon; Hiram & Orlando Belden; Henry & John Hubbard; Charles & Walter Penfield.  A father and son team were Henry and William Tibbals.   



(Additional Information in green)

On the front (south side)

At top on shaft in raised letters:                  Antietam


                                                  Raised seal of Connecticut

Base of shaft in raised letters:                 Washburn

                                             Post GAR  (Grand Army of the Republic)


Dado of pedestal, incised caps:  (14 names)


Moses McCrum Co C IGR      Oct 2, 1864 Andersonville                      16th, Co G      Wilcox Cemetery

Wm A North                          William - Sept 17, 1862 Killed Antietam  16th, Co H      Wilcox Cemetery

Hiram Belden                        1864 Andersonville –                              16th, Co G      Maple Cemetery

Wm Barnum                          William - Jan 15, 1865 Florence SC       16th,  Co G     Wilcox Cemetery

Charles N. Penfield                Nov. 26, 1862 - wounded Antietam, MD   16th, Co A      Wilcox Cemetery

Henry Tibbals                        July 31, 1864 Andersonville                    16th, Co G      Wilcox Cemetery

Wm H Tibbals                       Aug. 12, 1864 Andersonville                   16th, Co G      Wilcox Cemetery

John T Kenard USN               Feb. 9, 1873 or Oct. 6, 1868                   navy              Wilcox Cemetery

Charles H Dutton B10            Aug. 25, 1865 from Cromwell                  10th, Co B

Solomon H. Woods C27         Mar 26, 1894                                        27th, Co G      Wilcox Cemetery

George W. Cook C16             Aug 15, 1893                                       16th, Co G       Wilcox Cemetery

Henry Hubbard USN               Sept 15, 1903                                      navy                Wilcox Cemetery

John Hubbard G I HA              Mar 26, 1920                                      1st HA, Co G    Wilcox Cemetery

Walter E. Penfield I 22 1927                                                             22nd, Co I         Wilcox Cemetery


At base of monument:  Soldiers


Side Two (counterclockwise)   east side

On shaft :                                                     Peterburg

                                                                Port Hudson

9 names

Marvin Cook                        from Middletown                                  14th, Co B

David B. Lincoln                  from Middletown –  Dec. 17, 1862 wounded at Fredericksburg - 14th, Co B

Eugene W. Kenyon             from Middletown - Dec 31, 1862 wounded at Fredericksburg -    14th, Co B

John K Doolittle                  from Meriden – Oct. 9, 1862 wounded at  Antietam, MD.             8th, Co K

Charles McWinnie              from Meriden – Feb. 28, 1865 prisoner of  war at Florence, SC     7th, Co C

Max Hamann                     ??? No information

Luman Paddock                 from Cromwell - July 29, 1863 -                                                 24th, Co A

Tho E DeMars                   Theodore – from Cromwell - Sept 17, 1862    Antietam                 16th, Co A

CW Fowler USN                Caleb – Navy 


Side Three  - 14 names --West side



WA Washburn GAR G16 R  Wadsworth - Sept. 17, 1862 at Antietam -        16th, Co G Bridge Cemetery


(15 names)

Saml E. Woodruff                Samuel – Sept. 17, 1863                                16th, Co G  Maple Cemetery

RG Bartow                          Reuben - Dec 15, 1864 Andersonville              16th, Co G  

Orlando Belden                   Feb 27, 1865 at Annaplos MD                         16th, Co G  Maple Cemetery

NS Gladwin                        Nathan - Oct. 12, 1864 Florence SC                16th, Co G   Bridge Cemetery

CS Richardson                   Charles - Sept 8, 1864 Andersonville                16th, Co G  

Jas H Arnold K                   James - Feb 27, 1865 Wilmington NC              16th, Co K   Maple Cemetery

Hiram A Clark                     Aug 18, 1864 at Andersonville                         16th, Co K   Maple Cemetery

Wm W Skelly CI HA            William - Dec 24, 1861                                   1st HA, Co?  Ledge Cemetery

Sid Griswold  C                   Jan. 12, 1862                                                 1st HA Co A

HC Miller H                         Henry - Dec 7 1864                                        1st HA Co H  Maple Cemetery

JL Tuttle                             John -   Apr 11, 1871                                      1st HA Co H  Bridge Cemetery

Henry Richards                   Sept 12, 1865                                                1st HA Co H  Bridge Cemetery

Calvin Pollard                                                                                                                            

Alfred Griswold K8              Jan 3, 1865 - Salisbury, NC                             8th, Co K        


third riser of base:

(one name)

Charles B. Whittlesey         Feb 21, 1864 -Ohio Regiment                                              Maple Cemetery


                   Side Four – 13 names -- North:Shaft: 14 names                         



Henry M. Wilson Hi Co A        Jan 15, 1862                                    1st Squad Co A -  Maple Cemetery

William E. Moore                    Aug. 20, 1863 Beauford, SC             1st Light Battery

Andrew J Bacon F 14              Jan 25, 1865 – Florence, SC -          14th, Co F           - Maple Cemetery

Elijah W Bacon                      May 6, 1864  Battle Wilderness-       14th, Co F            -Maple Cemetery

John Cogan                           Dec 13, 1862 Fredericksburg             14th, Co F

Henry Deming                       from East Hartford Mar 30, 1865         13th, Co              Maple Cemetery

Philip Deming                       Nov. 6, 1862                                      25th, Co A          Beckley Cemetery

Frank E Kilby                       from Wethersfield  Jan 1, 1869            25th, Co A          Beckley   Cemetery

L A Porter C 16                    Linus A. - Sept. 6, 1862                      16th, Co G          Beckley Cemetery

C E Steele H 12               Charles - from New Haven- Apr. 13, 1863 in Bisland, LA 12th, Co H  Beckley

G W Colvin B 7                     George from Wethersfield - Dec 19, 1862  Hilton Head, SC   7th, Co B    

August Brandt 1 HA              Cemetery

John E Root B 22                  from Wethersfield - Jan 14, 1917         22nd, Co B          Maple    Cemetery


Dedication was May 28, 1871

Washburn Post of the G.A.R.

Named in honor of only son of Rev Washburn of  Berlin

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